Would You Like to Work with Children?

If so, why not book in for my Children’s Hypnotherapy Training – tailor-made just for you?

Working with children is totally different from treating adults – it’s a whole different ball game – the game being the operative word because we have lots of games and FUN when treating children!

I have been working solely with children for over 10 years (and a hypnotherapist for almost twenty!)  Prior to becoming a therapist, I was Registered Nurse, specialising in paediatrics – so lots of first-hand experience with children with both physical and medical problems!

So, if you are already a qualified hypnotist, NLP trainer or Psychotherapist, I will teach you, on a one to one basis, EVERYTHING I know about children’s hypnotherapy and NLP techniques. This introductory course will cover the following:

✔️ Preparing the consultation room

✔️ Resources – games- toys – glove puppets – books

✔️ How to deal with the enquiry

✔️ How to greet the child

✔️ How to deal with the parent’s queries

✔️ How to market your children’s Hypnotherapy sessions

✔️ How to get referral partners to give YOU business

✔️ How to organise the first three sessions

✔️ The four main disorders that I treat are Eating Disorders, Toileting Problems, Sleep Issues, Behaviour/Anxiety

What paediatric conditions can hypnotherapy help?


Stool holding

Lack of motivation




Sleep issues




School Phobia

Abdominal Migraines


Lack of concentration




Picky Eating

Bad behaviour



Separation Anxiety

Chronic pain

Complex Regional Pain

Why Treat Children?

When I first decided to treat children, it was because a lot of adult clients that I was treating, were asking me to help their children!

However, once I started, I realised that from 3 pm until 6 or 7 pm every evening and on Saturdays, I was going to have a full clinic! There are SO many different children’s disorders and conditions that hypnotherapy can help – it’s a “no brainer” to include them into your practice! And, let’s face it – there are children born every minute of every day, every month, every year! – new clients for your practice!

During this training course I will go through everything I do with children – and on follow up courses I will teach specific techniques for all the different disorders.

My suggestion is that you come to my consulting room in Berkshire where I can show you exactly how I work (I’ve even got a toddler/child dummy!)

I can then show you all the resources that I have collected and used over the years and can show you how I organise the sessions, the follow up etc. In that way, YOU will be getting ALL my attention for the whole day and I can answer YOUR specific questions in full, with complete demonstrations.

I can do the trainings on Sunday or Monday – whichever suits you – unfortunately I’m in clinic the rest of the week!

I charge £297 for the course. We will start at 10am and finish when you are completely satisfied that you feel confident working with children.


If you would like to book in just call me on Tel: 07775528445 or e mail me at: info@focus-hypnotherapy.co.uk