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We all want our children to be healthy, both physically and emotionally. Many children’s behavioural problems begin with a little fear, anxiety or phobia, which, if left untreated can escalate into a serious problem.

Hypnosis can help a multitude of conditions, some of which are:

  • Anxiety
  • Bedwetting
  • Stool holding
  • Head banging
  • Tantrums
  • Sleep disorders
  • Separation anxiety
  • Fears and phobias
  • Exam related stress
  • Bullying at school
  • Thumb sucking
  • Nail biting
  • Hair and Eyelash pulling
  • Tics
  • Selective eating
  • Anger problems
  • Lack of confidence
  • Low Self-esteem

These can all be treated relatively easily using a form of hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy. Your child will have fun during the session and won’t even realise he/she is being treated! I treat many children with Dyspraxia, Asperger’s, Autism, Dyslexia and many other developmental conditions.


This is a list of some of the most common issues that I have come across in children and teenagers at Focus Hypnotherapy;

Anxiety, bed wetting, separation anxiety, fears and phobias, exam-related stress, bullying at school, thumb sucking, nail biting, hair and eyelash pulling, physical or speech-related tics, selective eating, anger problems, lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

Keep in mind that sometimes a child may present with a few different symptoms that relate to one overall problem.

For example; thumb sucking as well as nail-biting and hair/eyelash pulling can all be symptoms of anxiety in your child.


The first part of hypnosis with children and young adults is making sure that they feel comfortable. This is important to allow the child to make the best out of the therapy.

The specific techniques that I use depend on the age and ability of the child.

With toddlers and young children, the process is much more about the active engagement of the mind. It is very common that the child of this age is fully awake during the session. In many cases children can fully use the extent of their imaginations, due to this children tend to respond well to the use of;

Imagination Games – this helps them understand how to put what they are learning in therapy into practice in their day-to-day lives. Through imaginative play, the child will be able to put themselves into a different setting and look at themselves from a different angle. Many children play imagination games at school or in their free time, it’s part of their development which can be utilised in the hypnotherapy to help them with issues they are struggling with.

Metaphors and Stories – Similarly to imaginative play, children often explain things in metaphorical or figurative language. Using representation is a safe way for them to express how they are feeling or to tell us a story.

Older children and teenagers can process much more in a literal sense. The process of hypnotherapy at this age is very similar to working with adults, encouraging them to relax and use their incredible imaginations!


Yes indeed!

In fact, the support I give in between the sessions is as important, if not MORE important than the actual session itself. I supply audio recordings for the child to listen to at bedtime, or I e-mail specifically created stories for the parent to read to the child.

Continuing the therapy with ongoing support can go a long way in helping the thought processes settle for the child. It will help normalise the process of therapy for the child and also helps with putting what they have learnt from their sessions into practice.

Support for you as the parent will also be available to help with any of the on-going tools that you are using outside of the hypnotherapy sessions.

As an example, I’m happy to chat with you when you are trying new foods with your child who is a selective eater.

I understand that problems that your child faces can also impact you emotionally as their caregiver/parent and I’m happy to help support you through them!


Do you wonder why some children can sit still in class and others can’t?

Have you ever read a school report that says any of the following: “could try harder, disruptive, poor concentration and focus, described as a daydreamer, no concept of time, poor organisational skills.”?

If any of these strike a chord with you, then read on!

Neuro-Developmental Therapy can potentially answer some of these questions. Neuro-Developmental Therapy (NDT) is a non-invasive, drug-free therapy that helps to identify and treat any developmental delays that are caused by the central nervous system not fully developing or integrating our reflexes. Some symptoms might include:

  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Difficulties learning
  • Balance, coordination or lack of spatial awareness
  • Sleeping problems,
  • Easily distracted or inability to sit still
  • Trouble making friends/social interaction
  • Bedwetting, stool holding or OCD
  • Parents and caregivers should be seeing their children hitting major developmental milestones through their young lives. Children will often do these at similar times to their peers, but as all children are unique, they may learn in different ways or at different paces.

Reflex – an automatic, unconscious reaction to stimulus. We are all born with primitive reflexes some of which are tested as soon as we are born, such as rooting, sucking and swallowing which are essential if a baby is to feed without complication.

All of the primitive reflexes are necessary for a baby’s birth, survival and learning, however, they should inhibit within the first 12 months after birth allowing more sophisticated neural pathways such as adult postural reflexes to develop fully. These more advanced reflexes form the foundations of the unconscious, automatic balance control, posture and movement. If these changes don’t occur, it may impact on elements of our physical, cognitive, behavioural, emotional and social development.

Through Neuro Developmental Therapy we aim to understand whether any of the reflexes have failed to develop correctly and if so, establish a treatment programme to correct it.


Before your initial consultation, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire for the child who is to be evaluated. This will give me an idea of the problems that your child is facing in school and at home.

At the first consultation, we will review your questionnaire and complete some simple yet effective tests that include evaluating the child’s balance and coordination. This allows a tailored programme to be developed to start your child on his recovery (this plan will be adapted throughout the sessions if need be).


Every programme is individually developed and will consist of a movement and balance exercise course. The child will be required to do these exercises at home every day, which will take a maximum of ten minutes a day. The programme is reviewed and adapted approximately every eight weeks. Your child will be expected to attend the review sessions every eight weeks for a minimum of 10 months. (a total of six sessions) The improvement in the child’s balance, coordination, spatial awareness and general behaviour is amazing! If you would like more information on Neurodevelopment delay therapy do call me to discuss or email me for further details.

What my clients say about me?

“Elaine has been so brilliant with my son and in a matter of weeks has stopped him having Covid-related nightmares. I was cautious initially as I thought Zoom sessions would be a poor alternative to meeting face-to-face. However, my son responded immediately, asking to ‘see’ Elaine the day after the first Zoom session. He is a much happier child at night now, not waking up panicked and not demanding to sleep in our bed. 

Elaine creates a bespoke story for your child to calm them from their fears. She is a miracle worker as well as being both charismatic and attentive to parent and child. I was recommended via FB and regret that we had not heard of her earlier. I am now thinking of working with her with other issues as she works with adults as well-I know she can help me too”.


— An anxious family, Reading

I took my daughter Anoushka, (13) to see Elaine as she was suffering from terrible attacks of anxiety. It didn’t seem that anything was particularly causing it – it would just come on! When she started to cut herself  I decided I had to take action and had been recommended by a friend whose daughter had also seen Elaine. After the session, it seemed like Anoushka was back to her old self again. The cutting stopped and although she had the odd mild anxiety attack she simply used the skills and techniques that Elaine had taught her and she was fine. I would recommend anyone with a son or daughter who is depressed or anxious to see Elaine, she really is an exceptional therapist.”

— Moira Richardson, Reading

“My son Reuben (8) was a really fussy eater. Since he was a toddler he had only really eaten about 6-10 foods. Things like bread (one type) pasta (one brand) chicken nuggets, biscuits and chocolate yogurts. He drank milk (thank goodness) and sometimes would drink juice as long as there were no bits in it! It was a complete nightmare. We couldn’t go out to eat as a family as there was never ever anything Reuben could eat and even if there was – it was the wrong type!!

Somebody suggested I take him to Elaine Hodgins, the leading therapist in Selective Eating Disorder (I didn’t even know it had a name I just thought he was a picky eater!) She was amazing! She first of all explained Selective Eating Disorder to us in great detail. Then she worked her magic on Reuben. I say “magic” because that’s exactly what it appeared to be! She talked to him gently about his fear of trying new foods. She then did some role play with him and some “day dreaming on purpose”. He had a great time!

Elaine did explain that the recovery for these children back to normal eating is very slow and that we would have to be very patient with our son. We did everything Elaine told us to do – phoning her several times in those first few weeks for reassurance that we were doing everything right. She didn’t mind at all and was really supportive and helpful ( even putting up with me breaking down in tears a couple of times!) Reuben started trying new foods and within 6 months was eating a much wider range! He was able to do sleepovers at his friend’s houses without worrying about what he was going to eat! It was wonderful. It’s been two years now and I have to say Reuben eats more or less anything now! Going out to eat is a pleasure – not the nightmare it used to be! Yes, Elaine is a great therapist and I would highly recommend her. In fact, I have recommended her to many of my friends for their children and they have all been delighted with the outcome!”

— Catherine Hiscock, Fulham, London.

“Elaine Hodgins is a fantastic children’s therapist, we have taken two of our children to her, one for the Selective eating programme and the other for anxiety and panic attacks – both children have done marvellously and we are all so pleased – it has totally changed the atmosphere at home. Highly recommended.”

— Phillip Edwards, Chiswick.


I took my daughter Amy (9) to see Elaine because she was so scared of flying. A friend of mine recommended her as she had also helped her daughter! Amy saw Elaine four times I think and at the end of it we went Lanzarote on holiday and she was absolutely fine! I also took my son (11) to see her because he had a terrible fear of dogs and she also cured him! Brilliant lady and really loves working with children as well as adults!”

— Belinda Miles, London


I did the Focus Hypnotherapy Fear of Flying programme with Elaine and it was really good. It also helped me not get panicky when going in lifts etc.. as it seemed to be the fact that I was in an enclosed space that bothered me! Elaine really knows her stuff, excellent therapist and goes that extra mile to make sure you are confident at the end of it!”

— Judith Darnes, Reading.

“Hi ,

My name is Dan Matthews and I have suffered with fear of flying since I was in a plane a few years ago when we had a lot of turbulence. I just couldn’t get on another plane after that! I then got a new job which involved European travel so it was a case of ” I have GOT to do something about this”. I contacted Elaine and she was great. I did the four session programme and at the end of it I went to Milan on business. The fear had gone completely and even though we had a bit of turbulence it really didn’t bother me at all. Yep – she is brilliant – highly recommend her!”

— Dan Matthews, Tilehurst.


My names Derek Chambers and I unfortunately had a bad accident a few years back which left me totally phobic about driving. Then a couple of years later my lovely wife passed away and I had lost not just my soul mate, but my taxi driver! I decided to do something about my phobia or fear and contacted Elaine at Focus Hypnotherapy. She has an excellent success rate and everyone that I had spoken to had heard only good things about her. During the first session, we dealt mostly with the trauma of my accident but the following two sessions were totally focused on me and driving. Elaine even came out with me on my first drive to make sure I was ok! Yes indeed a wonderful young lady (she’ll love me for that!) who has only YOUR best interest in mind! You would be unwise to delay – do it – you will benefit so much. it gave me a new lease of life!”

— Derek Chambers, Sonning


I did Elaine’s Anxiety Programme six months ago as I was anxious about EVERYTHING (going out socialising, going to work, even if someone phoned me I would start to panic!)  She is absolutely brilliant and she taught me so many techniques to ease the fear! Yes, I would highly recommend her as a therapist.”

— Donna Berkeley, London

“I did Elaine’s Anxiety Programme almost two years ago  – I had anxiety and fear of driving – it was brilliant – even after the first session I went out on the motorway and drove and by the end of the three sessions i was fully confident again! I would highly recommend this programme!”

— Janine Taylor, Reading

“I went to see Elaine, at Focus Hypnotherapy as I had heard such good reports of her success with people who wanted to stop smoking. I did her three session programme and I actually stopped after the first session but I was glad to have the other two sessions as I learnt self hypnosis techniques which got me through a couple of stressful days where I think I may have succumbed to a ciggie had I not known how to relax myself! Yes, I would highly recommend Elaine, a great therapist with a fantastic success record. She even works with young children for various things which most therapist won’t do! That speaks volumes! ”

— Janine Taylor- Smythe, London

“Hallo, my names Cheryl and I used to smoke almost 30 a day for over 20 years. When i heard how successful Elaine Hodgins programme was I signed up straightaway – she has an amazing reputation. I stopped smoking after the first session but then had ONE puff of a ciggie when i had had too much wine one night and didn’t really know what I was doing! Apparentl,y my friend said I shouted: ” I DON’T SMOKE – TAKE THIS HORRIBLE DIRTY CANCER STICK AWAY! ” And promptly threw it away! lol …….Yes I would highly recommend Elaine – she is a fabulous therapist  she also stopped my 7 yr old son from wetting the bed!!!) ”

— Cheryl Mathews, Surbiton


I did Elaine’s Stop smoking programme last year. I had tried everything – patches, cold turkey, gum – you name it I tried it  ( even other hypnotists!) – I stopped smoking after the first session with Elaine, but learnt so much in the following two sessions (techniques to deal with cravings etc) that I really do suggest if you are serious about giving up then Elaine’s programme is the best to go for. I’ve referred a few friends to her and they have all given up too! Brilliant!”

— Tom Jenkins- Smythe, London


My name is Sylvia and I did Elaine’s single hypnotic gastric band weight loss session. I only had two stones to lose so I just had the one session which really changed my mindset towards food! I was able to continue on my diet and had the willpower to say no to all the fattening food and junk that I had been eating! I would really recommend it. It’s a long session ( about an hour and a half ) but Elaine covers everything from willpower to motivation, and self- sabotage to being totally in control of your eating! Yes – absolutely fantastic!”

— Sylvia Reynolds, Tilehurst, Berks

“Hi Elaine, Just wanted to update you! It is now exactly one year since I came to you for weight loss. As you know I had struggled terribly with my weight for many years and was desperate when I saw you! I have now lost in total 7 stones and 3lbs! I am finally at my goal weight and am in a size 10! I can’t thank you enough. If I had never come to see you I reckon I would have been over twenty stones by now! My old man thinks he has a new glam wife and my grandchildren love that I can run around with them and not keep having to sit down to get my breath back! I hope you and your daughter are both well, thanks a million once again! “

— Janine Wainright, Reading, Berks

We first came to Elaine with our 7 yr old little girl who was very anxious, had very low self-esteem, found it hard to make friends, found school challenging and when she got home would lash out with huge meltdowns.  

After just a few sessions we noticed not only an improvement with a reduction in meltdowns & lashing out but noted that she was trying to apply different techniques to help her calm down. Since she has been seeing Elaine, she is able to talk about how she is feeling and what she needs from us to help her.  This is a big breakthrough for us - the techniques she is learning is not just helping her now but will give her the tools to help her through her life.  

A big wow moment for us was today's session. Due to the lockdown, we had to do our session via Zoom. I emailed Elaine the night before warning her that she might not get much out of my daughter as she was not responsive to social media communications - we had tried zoom sessions before with friends, family and tutors - but my daughter would just sit miserably not say anything or hide under the table.  

However, to my amazement, my daughter was so interactive with Elaine - she had a great session - I could not believe it was the same child. I was so proud, it made me so emotional. She spoke confidently, was comfortable and happy,  not to mention she managed to get through the whole session. Yes, she fidgeted during the session but she remained focused on listening & interacting with Elaine.   

 Elaine has an amazing talent to get children to open up. I really did not think we would have got much out of the zoom session, but we did. I cannot thank her enough. We are still work in progress, but so pleased with the improvements so far. THANK YOU ELAINE  




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