Children taking an exam

Helping the child exam nerves

By Elaine Hodgins / May 22, 2019 /

Exam time can be a challenging time for children and young people, and their parents or carers. But there ARE some ways that you can help your child ease the tension and nerves. Look out for signs of anxiety Children and youngsters who are anxious about tests and exams may worry a great deal. They will…

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A couple of people in the middle of a therapy session.

The main benefits of hypnosis

By Elaine Hodgins / May 15, 2019 /

What IS Hypnosis? As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I am often asked “What actually IS hypnosis?” A sensible enough question – however due to TV shows and stage entertainers over the years, some people don’t realise that hypnosis was used centuries ago to stop pain, to do operations (no anaesthetic) and in childbirth. They think it’s…

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Hypnosis is Child’s Play!

By Elaine Hodgins / December 12, 2018 /

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are now recognised as valuable tools in the medical field but what about hypnotherapy for children? Mums are always asking me: “Is hypnosis dangerous for children? Will it harm them? ”  and my answer is: ” Hypnotherapy, in the hands of a qualified, registered and reputable hypnotherapist is the safest and gentlest…

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