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Just Shy, or is Your Child Struggling with Selective Mutism?

By Elaine Hodgins / December 2, 2020 /

Being shy as a child can be so hard, can’t it?  I remember when I was quite young, feeling so anxious about speaking to anyone I didn’t know (even people I DID know) and how everyone used to say to my mum: “Oh isn’t your little girl shy” and then proceed to make me feel…

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Anxiety in Children with Autism

By Elaine Hodgins / November 25, 2020 /

Everyone experiences anxiety at some stage throughout their lives. It is a normal “feeling” and “emotion” just like happiness and sadness, moodiness and anger. Mums who bring their children to my clinic say: “Can you help my child, she’s autistic but she suffers from terrible anxiety and meltdowns.” Constant anxiety can be very distressing for…

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