One young woman’s view on having hypnotherapy

When to admit that you need help

Julia’s Story

“I arrived at the hypnotherapists’ consulting room and pressed the 
buzzer. This was to be the first session of my hypnotherapy programme for stress and anxiety.

I’d not long started my first job as a trainee family lawyer, and I was used to being a high-achiever. I nearly always came top in my courses, finished grammar school in the top of my class, and attended college on a full scholarship, and had graduated at uni, yet here I was asking for help.

I didn’t want to admit it, but I was really struggling emotionally just
to get out of bed and get dressed each day. Everyone thought I was this amazing person who always held it together really well, but the stress and anxiety of trying so hard to be perfect had broken me!  Elaine opened the door with a warm and welcoming smile and invited me into her cosy office. I anxiously sat in the chair as she introduced herself and attempted to make me comfortable. When she asked why I had come for hypnosis, I will never forget how I responded, “I think I am crazy – a bit nuts, am I? “ I said. “I mean, why would anyone be in therapy unless they are mad?”
“There is nothing crazy about needing help,” Elaine reassured. That day, I began to take back control of my emotions, and my life. I faithfully went to hypnotherapy for the next six weeks and found myself feeling better than I had in my entire life.”

Julia Templeton, Oxfordshire.

Three tips to remember:

As a clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in young people with anxiety disorders, I come across people like Julia very often. They are usually
stresssed, overworked, anxious and totally overwhelmed. Here are three points that I always explain to clients when they first come to see me:

  1. People who are successful need help as much as anyone else.  The pressure and desire to achieve can lead to increased stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. Everyone expects more from someone who appears to be a high achiever.
  2. Asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness. Julia thought going to therapy meant something was very wrong with her, but the only thing wrong in this scenario was that she waited so long to get help. She thought she should be able to get better on her own but soon learned in therapy that this was a not such a good expectation that she had placed on herself.
  3. Some wounds, time actually seems to worsen, leaving a real mess. Julia didn’t need more time, she needed the right techniques and tools to help her overcome her issues. Successful hypnotherapy does not dwell on problems but empowers you to uncover your own solutions. I didn’t TELL Julia what to do. Unlike a GP treating a person with medication for an illness, I taught Julia how to find solutions within HERSELF.


Julia goes on to say:

“Hypnotherapy is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I
still enjoy the challenge of setting big goals for myself, but now I am
not ashamed to admit I need support, and I deserve to ask for it! I am 
important enough to invest time and money into my personal development. Now, years later, I have changed from solely being the client to serving others. Going to therapy gave me the confidence to step into my true calling and do the job I WANTED to do. I personally keep a mentor, coach, and of course Elaine on call! I have an entire team because I have a huge vision for my life. The people I’m called to serve need ME to be my very best self – and I am not my best when I try to do it all alone. In the words of my therapist – there is nothing crazy about asking for help – in fact you are crazy if you DON’T!”

And Julia is so right! Sometimes we just carry on – struggling and trying to juggle everything; family, friends, work, relationship, emotions, stress, anxiety – everything! It becomes overwhelming to the point you feel you don’t want to get out from under that duvet in the mornings. You don’t ask anyone for help for fear of people thinking you are weak or incompetent. Then it gets to the point when you know you DO need some form of help, but you haven’t got a clue what KIND of help you need! With problems like stress, depression and anxiety- Hypnotherapy is one of the most gentlest, fast effecting therapy there is. Why? Because it works on that part of the brain where all our thoughts and feelings are stored! By getting the client to tune in to their own subconscious mind we can change a lot of those negative emotions into more positive feelings! It’s not scary, it’s not dangerous, and there are no effects afterwards other than a lovely calm and relaxed feeling. In fact, it’s so gentle, I also use it with children from 3 years old! 

Hypnosis is… child’s play!

If you relate to Julia’s story and would like to chat to someone about the possibilites then get in touch with me via my contact page details.

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