Losing weight – but is it a losing battle?

If we asked one hundred overweight people this question, I am almost certain that ninety-nine of them would say a big resounding “YES!”

Why? Why IS it SO hard to lose weight, maintain it and not feel that you are being deprived of all the nice things in life?

The main reason is because it requires discipline, perseverance and self – control to make all those lifestyle changes. It’s not for just a few weeks or months – it’s forever, otherwise the weight is just going to go straight back on. The problem is that people always want a “quick fix”, hence why we have all tried fad diets in the past – the little black dress diet, the cabbage soup diet, Mama Giovanna’s Big Pasta diet etc etc… so, most people go through a series of stages of motivation before they actually get to their ideal healthy weight.

Personally, I have battled with my weight all my life. However, I feel, even if I haven’t managed to get down to a size 8 or 10, I’ve always managed to keep in the reasonably healthy range.

Most successful programmes for losing weight start with a challenge – you know – you put on your favourite jeans one day and they are REALLY tight – you can hardly do them up. Or, you decide to go swimming and try on your swim-suit and when you look in the mirror you see this beached whale in the swim suit, staring back at you saying “See I told you if you ate all the Christmas cake you’d never get me over those hips again!  Aaaaaaggghhhhh!!! 

These are usually the challenges that start us off on yet another weight loss journey, aren’t they? 

However, if you want to take the challenge seriously it does mean that you have to devote a lot of time and effort to it. You have to make sure you know at least enough about nutrition so that you eat the good healthy foods that aren’t going to put the weight on. The good thing about this is that these days there is so much information out there at the click of our podgy little fingertips on our i phones – good old Mr Google and Co. The next thing is to set ACHIEVABLE GOALS – this is one of the reasons that most healthy eating regimes (I don’t use the word diet anymore) fail – because we think we can lose half a stone a week and when we don’t, we throw the scales across the room and give up! True or False? 

We have to get PREPARED for weight loss to work

Just as we would prepare our kitchen with all the ingredients to make a lovely meal we have to prepare to: “lose weight!”

The first thing to do is prepare your kitchen, and make sure there are no fattening foods that are going to tempt you during the first few weeks (after that you will probably have enough resistance and will-power to say ‘no’) You need to tailor your approach to YOUR lifestyle. There is no point doing a healthy eating plan that contains ALL the foods that you absolutely detest, just as there is no way you will stick to an exercise routine where you hate running/swimming/gym – so you must find something that you at least “don’t mind” doing. For example, I – personally, hate walking and running but I love swimming and I can tolerate the gym if I have my music on!  And remember, a healthy eating regime that suits your friend or neighbour won’t necessarily suit you. 

I had a client once who came to my hypnotherapy clinic. He said: “I need help, I’m a really fussy eater, I eat mostly the white beige carbohydrate type foods and my weight has ballooned at university, so what can I do?” 

We sat down and after I had given him some hypnosis for motivation and willpower, I made him write a list of all the foods he eats. We then scrubbed out the really unhealthy ones. Then we added a few more healthy foods that he thought he could at least tolerate, but did not “love”. I told him how to change the cooking methods ie cook chips in the over and don’t fry! He added an exercise regime that he thought he could adhere to and after a month he had lost 12 lbs. He said:

 “Elaine really helped me lose all my surplus weight, I’m not saying it was easy, but once I had the right mindset, it was doable. She did some hypnosis to get me motivated and I had so much willpower after that, there was no stopping me. What I liked about Elaine’s sessions is that she didn’t judge me, and she made it as easy and as enjoyable as she could for me. Sometimes we need that bit of extra help just to get us in the right mindset. I have now lost 4 stones in total and I look and feel so much better.”

Jason Blackburn, Reading 

I teach people how to deal with emotional ups and downs when on a healthy eating journey. One lady, during Covid, sadly lost a family member and became very low and had a few days where she ate non- stop through her grief and emotions, but she told me afterwards she got back on track much sooner than she normally would thanks to the hypnotherapy.

It’s much better to break your ultimate goal down into smaller goals so instead of saying “I want to lose 5 stones in six months” say: “I am going to achieve ten pounds a month.” And reward yourself with a non – food treat at every success!

Chart your progress

If you chart your progress you can see exactly when you are going wrong and you can rectify it quickly. If you are exercising as well, chart that too. You will feel so proud when you see it in black and white (or on your phone) 

Be aware that you WILL lapse from time to time. It’s normal. A lapse only becomes a failure when it successfully intimidates you into stopping the healthy eating completely. It’s a bit like riding a horse or a bike – if you fall off – get straight back on and don’t look back! 

So, this Christmas will be the same as every other Christmas. There may not be all our loved ones with us to celebrate (due to the current difficult situation) however, if you remember that we don’t have to eat the fattening Christmas foods every single day from mid- December through to the new year but save them just for the couple of days (Christmas day and boxing day) and when you do have them – eat them in smaller quantities! 

But, if you get to the new year and you feel you need some help to give you a JUMP START with your weight loss – just go to my website and drop me an e mail and I’ll be delighted to send you all the details on my Hypnotic Gastric Band Therapy Weight Loss Programme.

You can even book yourself in for a 30 minute complementary trial discovery session.

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