If stopping smoking was easy, would you do it now – today?

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Most smokers will say YES to this!

I know there is a part of you that does want to quit – even though you may say “I love smoking – I could never give up!” Everyone has that fear that one day they will be sat opposite the consultant and he says to them:

I’m so sorry to tell you but the cancer is terminal”

Maybe you want to know how to stop smoking because it has already started harming your health. Perhaps you get out of breath when you walk up a few stairs? Perhaps you have the odd pain in your chest? Perhaps your blood pressure has gone up?  Perhaps your children have told you they are afraid you dying if you continue to smoke? And that might frighten you because you want to be there for your loved ones don’t you. Sometimes you hear that someone has died of lung cancer or some other smoking related disease and it starts you thinking about your own mortality?

Everyone of us is different, and we all have our own various reasons for wanting to quit. But the big problem is, people don’t want to suffer. Or feel deprived! In reality, they want the easiest way to quit smoking and they want to do it with no discomfort whatsoever and THAT IS POSSIBLE!

Excuses, excuses…

You see, all smokers who are trying to give up, make all sorts of excuses such as “ I will miss the camaraderie at work when I pop outside for a ciggie break and chat to the other smokers” or “ I can’t bear to think of having a nice meal with out having a cigarette afterwards” or “ I will miss my morning cigarette with my coffee” or even “ Cigarettes stop me being stressed or anxious” 

If I had a pound for all the times that I’ve heard all these variations of excuses – I would be a multi- millionaire by now. The main thing that stops people giving up something that is going to kill them or at least shorten the quality of their life, is FEAR. Yes, fear that life won’t be the same, fear that it will be hard, fear that they WON’T do it! That’s all!

I was a smoker. I tried to stop many times, and I am not embarrassed to admit that I failed many, many times.  I tried everything! But when I finally DID quit for good – I used one simple hypnotic technique. I told myself that I was ready to quit for good and that as from then (that last cigarette) I would no longer crave or want another cigarette not even a vape! I smoked my last cigarette, and after that I never gave cigarettes another thought. This is why, I believe, at my two hypnotherapy clinics, I have such a high success rate with people who want to stop smoking, because I’ve been there, I’ve failed, and I’ve found the best and easiest way to quit and I know 1000% in my heart that I will never ever, touch another cigarette again.

So, why does the thought of quitting seem so hard?

The reason is simple – you are torn between wanting to stop but also wanting to continue doing something that you THINK you love!

The reason you want to continue smoking is because you think it helps you stop being stressed, or bored. Maybe you think is helps you be  sociable at functions. Maybe if you are also overweight you think you will put on weight if you stop, maybe you think it helps you concentrate or focus.

Maybe you are afraid that if you give up smoking you will lose all those things that you think of as “benefits”!  However, all the time that you keep giving yourself reasons to smoke – you will still want a cigarette!

One of my clients, Phil, who came to see me three years ago, said just recently:

“Elaine, I know you told me this was going to be easy but I didn’t believe you and the first week or two I DID find it hard but then I really LISTENED to what you said about my subconscious mind believing all this rubbish about how smoking helps me and destresses me etc and it all suddenly clicked. You were right. It was SO easy!” 

Phil (58) was a BIG smoker. He smoked 40 cigarettes a day. He had high blood pressure, COPD, Asthma and diabetes. He was a ticking timebomb! He stopped in three short sessions.

So why is hypnosis so effective in helping people stop smoking?

That’s simple. It changes the subconscious mind. It’s the subconscious mind that’s been having you believe all those things you thought were true about smoking!

Once you quit – you will wonder why you ever started that awful habit – and once you quit with Focus hypnotherapy – it will be for good!


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