Hypnosis is Child’s Play!

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are now recognised as valuable tools in the medical field but what about hypnotherapy for children?

Mums are always asking me: “Is hypnosis dangerous for children? Will it harm them? ”  and my answer is: ” Hypnotherapy, in the hands of a qualified, registered and reputable hypnotherapist is the safest and gentlest form of treatment you will ever find for your child!”

Children go into “hypnosis” many times during the day. How often have you seen your little one daydreaming, or appearing to be in a trance? THAT is hypnosis. An altered mental state. So…in answer to the question- yes, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are safe and extremely successful in treating children with behavioural and emotional problems. But, what sort of things can hypnosis help a child with? The answer to that is “any condition or disorder where the child’s subconscious mind is obviously enabling the problem!” For example, Little Johnny comes to me with severe nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) He’s already been to the GP, the Urologist, and a Psychiatrist. He has been given mattress alarms for his bed, medicine to decrease the flow of urine at night etc, but nothing has worked. So where does a hypnotherapist start? Well, once I have built rapport with little Johnny and gained his trust I ask a few questions – “Is anything worrying you at school? Are you scared of the dark?” All the time we are talking I am playing with some glove puppets (kids LOVE glove puppets – in fact, don’t we all??!!) I tell little Johnny a story about Micky Meerkat, and how Meerkats sleep in a pile on top of each other so when Micky wets the bed he wets his WHOLE family! (Kids love to hear that!) we do some hypnosis whilst we are talking – YES – whilst we are talking! Johnny goes off into a trance-like daydream and I put all the suggestions of keeping that bladder shut tight during the night.

When he wakes I give him some little exercises to do to strengthen his bladder and talk to mum about the importance of NOT letting Johnny wear pull-ups at night and making sure he doesn’t drink after 6 pm. Et voila! one happy child with a dry bed every morning and one happy mum with less laundry to do!


As I said….Hypnosis is….CHILD’S PLAY!

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