Hypnobirthing: hypnotherapy for birthing and beyond

For hundreds of generations, we have been led to believe that giving birth is a terrifying and painful experience. We have been told horrific stories about various mum’s experiences and some people love nothing more than telling a new mum- to- be just how terrible childbirth is! Hypnobirthing can be a useful tool if you find yourself in that situation.

Because of this, women have forgotten or just don’t believe their bodies are MADE to have a normal, natural birth, with relatively little or no pain, just some discomfort!

This is why I use hypnotherapy to help mums during their pregnancy, sometimes during the actual birth, and for the immediate weeks after the birth to help them bond with the baby. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to have your baby in the hospital or at home – hypnosis for birthing will certainly give you the calmness together with the confidence, to give birth as YOU wish to give birth.

One of the main reasons that expectant mums have long labours is that they become so tense and panicky that the body just can’t do the job of giving birth in a natural way – the muscles are so tense! The relaxation techniques that I teach the mums during hypnotherapy, take away the fear and the tension, so that mum can give birth in a calm and relaxed way. One of the mums I worked with to have her second child says:

“I went to see Elaine at Focus Hypnotherapy because when I had my first baby I was so tense and fearful, I didn’t really enjoy the birth at all which was sad in a way, because having your first baby is supposed to be the happiest day of your life isn’t it? However, second time around after having the four sessions with Elaine I had the most calm and wonderful pregnancy, labour, birth, and I bonded with my beautiful daughter straightaway.”  Jenna, Reading.

So, what happens during a hypnosis birthing programme?

Well, the first thing is the mum will learn how the body is designed to have babies naturally, and although there will always be a little bit of discomfort – it’s not set in stone that every mum has a lot of pain! I’ve had mum’s say to me after they have given birth; “I can’t say it was agony, nor can I say it was a doddle, but I coped ok and once I had given birth I forgot about the discomfort so it couldn’t have been that bad!”

Each person feels pain differently – what is painful to me might only be mild discomfort to you! However, we mustn’t concentrate on the pain and the discomfort – the idea of hypnosis for childbirth is that the mum learns how to be calm, how to relax at the appropriate times and how to

Relax so much that the birth and the bonding period is an experience to remember! The techniques that I teach the mums will give them a much more relaxed and short labour. 

Having had several pregnancies myself, and two lovely children (all grown up now), I can vouch for the fact that yes – I was petrified when I had my first! I wish hypnosis for birthing had been around all those years ago! However, for my second pregnancy I did a lot of yoga, visualisation and meditation which calmed me down so I was much more relaxed so that when my daughter had to be born at only 8 months by caesarean section, I was very chilled, and just had an epidural and was wide awake when they took her out so I bonded with her much quicker than I had done with my son. (I had had to have a general anaesthetic so was asleep for hours after he made his appearance in the world!)

So, during the programme the mum will learn:

  • How to stay mentally healthy during the rest of the pregnancy
  • How to relax every day to form some great new habits.
  • How to tell the difference between real pain and just “discomfort”
  • How to stop any panicky moments IF they arise.
  • How to visualise and meditate
  • How to use self-hypnosis to help you sleep well every night
  • How to use self-hypnotic techniques during labour
  • How to be so relaxed during breast feeding so that you bond well with your baby

Is hypnosis for pregnancy and birthing dangerous?

Certainly not!

Just make sure you meet up with your hypnotherapist BEFORE you start your course. You will be talking about pretty personal things so you want to know that you are going to have rapport with her ( or possibly him) Preferably find someone who has also had children herself, and perhaps even been a nurse or midwife in the past so will know quite a bit about pregnancy, labour, bonding with baby etc.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most gentlest forms of therapy available. We ALL go into a form of hypnosis every single day – for example when we are driving on the motorway and we arrive at our junction and can’t believe it because we can’t remember passing the last two junctions! That’s hypnosis! Or, when we are watching a film on the tv and become so engrossed that if our partner asks us a question – we don’t hear it! That’s hypnosis – it is simply an altered state of mind.

So if you know someone who is pregnant and very nervous of giving birth – do recommend that they do a hypnosis for birthing programme – it will take all the fear away and change their limited beliefs about labour into good, positive ones!

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