How Can Hypnotherapy help Infertility?

Jane got up on a cold, wet, grey Monday morning feeling so low
she thought her heart was going to break. It was the third anniversary of the late miscarriage of her baby. All she had ever wanted was to be a mum. She had been trying to get pregnant for many years – she felt as if her biological clock was speeding around and very soon it would be too late!!!

“Have you thought of going to see a hypnotherapist Jane?” her
friend Sarah, suggested.

“A Hypnotherapist? What would they do?” she asked frowning.

“Well, to start with it’s a known fact that hypnosis is one of the best
ways to calm the mind and get rid of any negative thoughts about
pregnancy which usually helps the woman to get pregnant!” Sarah said.

“I suppose I could give it a go”

And…..that’s how I came to meet Jane.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a RN, I’ve had years of experience helping young women like Jane, cope with infertility problems.

Jane explained that, three years ago, she had had the awful experience of having a late miscarriage at 28 weeks and the baby had only survived a few hours. It took her months of course, to recover from that, and since then, she has been trying to get pregnant. Rounds of tests and treatment later and she was beginning to feel that it was never going to happen.

“I’m almost at the point of giving up trying now,” she said, with
tears pouring down her cheek.

“You are bound to feel like that,” I said. “Has anyone ever offered you help for your grief? Did you have bereavement counselling? “I

“No, I just carried on – I thought I would get over the miscarriage and then we’d try again and this time everything would be fine!”

So, Jane had had NO counselling to help her get over the grief and trauma of losing her firstborn baby. We worked on that for two or three sessions and Jane said she was feeling much better.

Hypnotherapy can really help with grief as it gets right to the
subconscious mind and we can remove all those negative thoughts
and beliefs.

Sometimes I see women who have been trying for a baby for years and they don’t realise that their body needs to be in tip-top health so that at the time of conception – everything is just right. Some women are overweight, so we work on that first, some are drinking too much alcohol and maybe taking too many prescription drugs – there are so many reasons for “unexplained infertility”. Sometimes it is just the STRESS of trying for a baby that causes the problem.

However, in Jane’s case, she was in perfect health, apart from her sadness, she was a healthy weight, ate a healthy diet, didn’t consume alcohol, was not on any meds. So, it really was a simple case of working on Janes mindset.

Jane says:
“That first visit to Elaine was amazing. I felt that finally, somebody actually understood how I was feeling. She made me feel at ease straight away and as she used to work in the infertility clinic when she did her nursing many years ago, she was extremely knowledgeable on the subject which was very reassuring. For the first couple of sessions we worked on my grief then we started to work on trying for a baby again. We worked through a plan to make sure that she would be seeing me on the most likely times I would be just about to ovulate. Elaine also had a couple of sessions with Tom my partner, more so that he could help me through these trying times and understand what I was going through. This really did help and even he, the sceptic, was impressed!

Within three months I was pregnant but of course, all those niggling doubts came in ‘What if I miscarry again…what if something goes wrong…what if…what if…’ But I needn’t have worried. I had a great textbook pregnancy! I saw Elaine for some Hypnobirthing sessions and last October I gave birth to the most precious, beautiful, gorgeous baby girl, Elouise -Jane! She weighed in at 7lbs 12 ozs and has been an absolute delight! She has literally changed mine and Tom’s world! I had to say a big thank you to my friend for recommending Elaine, for without her I don’t think we would be where we are now! She really helped me so much in so many ways!”

So, you see, hypnosis is a wonderful, gentle tool that can work wonders. Every day in my clinic I see miracles unfold before my eyes – anxious children become confident, teens struggling with schoolwork becoming more positive, and mums who have been stressed and uptight become calm. With infertility problems, it becomes a huge roller coaster of emotions, with each month, you are waiting for that day when your period DOESN’T arrive! And, of course, when it DOES, you fall into that slump of loneliness, sadness, almost grief! So, the hypnotherapist has to look at so many aspects of the patient whilst she is treating her, but it is SO
rewarding when your patient calls you and says: “Elaine, I’m pregnant!”

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