How Can Hypnotherapy help Infertility?

By Elaine Hodgins / December 18, 2019 /

Jane got up on a cold, wet, grey Monday morning feeling so low she thought her heart was going to break. It was the third anniversary of the late miscarriage of her baby. All she had ever wanted was to be a mum. She had been trying to get pregnant for many years – she…

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Hypnobirthing: hypnotherapy for birthing and beyond

By Avidmode / May 8, 2019 /

For hundreds of generations, we have been led to believe that giving birth is a terrifying and painful experience. We have been told horrific stories about various mum’s experiences and some people love nothing more than telling a new mum- to- be just how terrible childbirth is! Hypnobirthing can be a useful tool if you…

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