Anxiety in children and adults

Working with anxiety and using hypnotherapy can be so effective. It is one of my favourite areas to work with. The reason being is that clients that suffer from anxiety find it hard to do some of the things that they want to do in their everyday life. This applies to both children and adults. Simple things to us like going on a train can be, for some people almost impossible to do.

Take shopping for example: one client I worked with, Maria, would go to the supermarket at 2am in the morning and if another customer came in the store, Maria would abandon her shopping and go home. Maria did not want to do her shopping on-line. Which would be one solution and after three sessions not only could Maria go shopping but she went to London with her family for a day trip. Before hypnotherapy, this would have been out of the question for her.

With the pressure that we are put under today to perform well, I find that more and more people suffer from the feeling of being anxious. Working with anxiety is so rewarding in helping people to get on with their lives.

Here are some more examples;

Jemma got so anxious sitting exams that she was physically sick in the exam room. She was excused and given the opportunity to re-sit her exam at a later date. For Jemma, she felt that she would not be able to do it. All she needed to do to achieve her degree was to write her name and date on the paper! She had done that well on her course. We had two sessions together, and Jemma was kind enough to let me know that not only did she sit the exam. But, she ended up with a first. Little Josh (9) was anxious about most things, his mum going out – school – going to sleep at night – but after doing my four- session programme he had learnt to control all of these little anxieties.

Amelia, 12 years old was a gymnast. She loved going to the gym even though it meant she spent 12-15 hour training every single week. However, one day she had a fall and hurt her foot – not very badly – but enough to make her anxious about getting back on the beam! After doing my anxiety programme for children, Amelia was back on track and even entered the gymnastic competition and won heads down!

Maisie, 10 years old was struggling with very bad anxiety after her mum and dad got divorced. When I first saw her at my clinic, she was very upset and of course, as many children do in this situation, had blamed herself for her parents separating. She had become withdrawn and very fearful of her mum leaving her and frightened that her mum might die. Once we had treated the anxiety and changed her mindset towards the feelings she had been experiencing, she was fine and accepted that her parents still loved her despite their own differences and the divorce.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety can be described using many words such as a feeling of panic, worry, dread or fear. We all have feelings of anxiety at some point in our life. For example, when we are preparing for an interview, we tend to feel anxious. However, once the situation is over, we become relaxed again. No longer feeling anxious. This is normal.

How can hypnotherapy help with Anxiety?

Feeling anxious is usually worrying about what if? And it involves our imagination, imagining the worst outcome. Hypnotherapy works with our imagination, the creative side of our brain. Which is why it is so effective with helping people overcome anxiety. Visualising feeling calm and in control, dealing with things in a manner that we want to deal with things is very effective. I remember one client I worked with, to overcome panic attacks while being a passenger in a car, told me that they started after she had an accident learning to drive

However, under hypnosis, the IMR (ideo motor response) indicated that we needed to look at an event when she was nine years old. Once the initial cause was dealt with, my client was able not only to be a passenger. But, went on to pass her driving

Signs for parents to look out for if they think their child is anxious

  • Not sleeping, or waking during the night
  • Nightmares or night terrors
  • Change in toileting habits
  • Stool-holding
  • Bedwetting
  • Anger outbursts
  • Constantly worrying about every little thing
  • Fidgety
  • Crying when mum or dad leaves
  • Complaining of tummy aches
  • Not wanting to go to school

Children’s hypnotherapy sessions are totally different to adults!

We don’t put the child into any form of a trance, they are very much awake the whole time. We use the child’s imagination and a lot of metaphorical storytelling!

If you, or your child are suffering with any form of anxiety, driving, flying, needles, separation anxiety (children), exam anxiety, public speaking – in fact anxiety can actually be linked to almost anything!

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Thanks to Daniel Clarke from Unsplash for the image.

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