Just a Naughty Child? Or, Oppositional Defiant Disorder?

By Elaine Hodgins / July 24, 2019 /

When parents start looking up behaviour problems on the internet, one phrase tends to jump out: ‘Oppositional Defiant Disorder’. It’s easy to see why: Often, when parents bring their children to me at the clinics for bad behaviour problems, they often say “I’m sure my little Johnny has ODD he is SOOOOO badly behaved and…

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Is Your Child ready for Primary School?

By Elaine Hodgins / July 10, 2019 /

It’s exciting isn’t it. Your child is starting primary school, but have you prepared him/her? If not, you haven’t got long before the new school year starts! As a clinical children’s hypnotherapist, specialising in all sorts of anxiety and behavioural problems, I am often asked by mums: “Can you help me – my child is…

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Why Children’s Social and Emotional Health is Important

By Avidmode / July 3, 2019 /

I had a great conversation with a pre-school teacher last week.  We discussed the importance of children’s emotional and social health.  She was telling me that in a pre-school or even reception classroom, some of the three to five year old children are such fun – they smile, laugh, and giggle during free play; are…

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